Enthusiasm is the key to life

Enthusiasm is the key to open doors that didn’t exist before you burned with passion. Last night my TED Talk went live: I believe that the only reason I’ve had the opportunity to give on is because of passion.

We can strategize and plan and head toward our goals. That is all well and great. But I believe that if we can just wake up everyday with passion and do what we love, then opportunities that we’ve never before expected will present themselves.

I had no intention of giving a TED Talk, and the opportunity presented itself. I hope that can be inspiration to young people (and people of all ages) that when you live with passion and take risks, the world opens up in a major way.

People come to help on your behalf, because they are inspired by your courage. Situations that you couldn’t dream up, they begin to unfold.

This was the case for me. And I am no more special than you. The same is available for you.

Live today with passion. Step strongly as you walk. Speak with unwavering passion. Working with persistence and most importantly, have fun. When you do, the world opens!

Thanks to all of you who’ve been sharing my talk. Please check it out and if you’ve seen it, please “like” the video on YouTube to help search optimization. I believe if this goes “viral” it will give Millennials a world stage to create global change and put us in the mainstream media! Thank you! 

TED TALK— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFQ1nCobL4Q&list=PLSatVjzQd2dSq5m25EimMxljB6ueyqvXJ&index=9



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